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Telemedicine & Telehealth

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We believe that telemedicine and telehealth can be an extremely valuable tool for doctors and patients. There are times when telemedicine cannot substitute for a face-to-face consultation, but equally there are some times when telemedicine can prevent you from having to travel for hours to see a specialist. Would you like to connect with us via telemedicine? Ask us how.

TeleHealth Consultations: FAQ

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What is a surgical video consultation?

A consultation conducted by video conference between you and your surgeon at a distant location.

What are the advantages of surgical video consultations?

Every patient’s situation is different but in general the benefits of this service are:

•    better access to specialist hand surgery care
•    reduced waiting time to see your specialist hand surgeon
•    reduced travel time and costs
•    reduced absence from work.

How can I have a video consultation with my surgeon?

To have a video consultation with your surgeon, you must be referred by your GP and the doctors must consider it safe and suitable for you.

Why do I need to be referred by my GP?

You need to be referred by your GP to be eligible for a Medicare benefit.

Do I have to participate in a video consultation?

No - it is only for patients who wish to have a video consultation, and for those patients whose GP and surgeon consider it appropriate to have a video consultation.

Where are the video consultations provided?

Video consultations are generally arranged at your GP's practice.

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